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W // Wertschöpfungskette – in englishValue chain

The value chain shows the path through which a product or service passes. Various fields of action for the provision of services are already described in the planning process of the event. These can be, for example, the contents of the food for a catering, the basic material for temporary buildings or the mobility and accommodation offers for the participant management.

Value chain sustainability aims to link value chain and sustainability management and to manage and add value to the social, environmental and economic impacts and promotion of good governance throughout the life cycle of products and services.

In events, supply chain management is also an important area, which deals with optimization within the supply chain. Thus, environmental, financial and social impacts should be analyzed and optimized in advance, along the entire value chain. In this way, companies that analyze their supply chain from a sustainability perspective and derive and implement appropriate measures gain attractive competitive advantages, for example in the form of improved performance, a higher return on investment or measurable brand enhancement.

The beginning of the value chain for events lies with the various fields of action. These are divided into higher-level action areas such as energy and climate, waste management or communication. This is followed by the operational fields of action, for example print, accommodation or catering.

The next step is to agree on various objectives for the relevant fields of action, such as accessibility, reduction of traffic-induced environmental impact, or sustainable catering.

Next, the measures to implement the objectives are designed. In order to achieve the previously mentioned reduction of traffic-induced environmental impacts in the Operational Field of Action Mobility, there could, for example, be special communication to customers/guests about offers for climate-friendly optimization of the travel chain. In catering, a large proportion of vegan dishes could be offered in order to reduce the CO2 balance.

Based on these three steps described, a selection of suitable service providers and suppliers for the event can then be made. As part of the evaluation, it should be checked after the event how the evaluation of the entire value chain of the individual service providers and suppliers looks and what optimization potential there is.

If you would like to take a closer look at the topic of the sustainable value chain and need support in analyzing your service providers and suppliers for your event, our partner 2bdifferent will be happy to provide you with more information and answer any further questions you may have:

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