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U // Umwelt – in english environment

By the term of the environment a multiplicity of factors and elements are enclosed. It is understood as the habitat adapted by man to his living needs and artificially changed, especially by technology and economy, creating a kind of artificial ecosystem.

Due to anthropogenic activity in recent years, the environment has been severely affected. In terms of climate change, the extraction and use of fossil resources are particularly reflected. The event industry also contributes to this every year with the sometimes careless consumption of numerous resources. For this reason, it is important for event organizers to be aware of their role and actively contribute to environmental protection.

Environmental protection is the sum of all organized actions to identify and solve environmental problems. Environmental policy describes the part of these actions in which (national or international) state actors are involved.

Compared to environmental protection and nature conservation, environmental policy is a fairly young field of politics in Germany, which only received a great deal of support and promotion through the incipient ecology movement in the late 1970s. Active environmental policy distinguishes between the following three principles:

  1. the precautionary or avoidance principle means that environmentally damaging behavior is prevented from occurring in the first place
  2. the polluter pays principle means that the costs of environmentally damaging behavior are borne by everyone who has caused the damage
  3. the cooperation principle regulates that agreements and negotiations between all parties involved ensure that the desired goals are optimally put into practice.

In the best case scenario, every event should be geared towards taking the precautionary and avoidance principle into account in its planning and implementation. After all, the event industry is called upon to be a creative pioneer when it comes to environmental protection. Even though there are already many ways in which nature and the environment can be sustainably protected and relieved, this alone is not enough. All creative minds in the event industry should take up and develop environmental protection with the possibilities, influence and potential to shape opinion and bring understanding and ideas to thousands of visitors.

The world needs the exchange of ideas and opportunities, many of which solutions for implementation already exist, but only a very small circle of people know about them.

We would be happy to support you in developing your own environmental policy tailored to your company. Our partner 2bdifferent is at your disposal for more information and suggestions:

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