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This year we have a very special service for you as a visitor, but also for our exhibitors. Cornelia Brückmann and the travel studio Brückmann are our partner in terms of travel support. We met Cornelia, Corona-Conform, for a digital interview.

Cornelia, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. What many people are interested in, how are you dealing with the current situation and what does your daily work routine look like?

Thank you first of all for giving me the opportunity to briefly introduce ourselves. We are an owner-operated travel agency in our 29th year of independence. We serve many corporate clients, but are also very well positioned in tourist travel, and we look forward to working with you. 
The current situation already presents us with some challenges. I had to put all my 3 colleagues on short-time work (20%). But we are confident that we will be able to increase the working hours again in the middle of the year.
We are physically in our office at Mariendorfer Damm, but at the moment also with shortened working hours, which are at the moment Monday – Friday from 10:00 – 17:00. Our daily routine at the moment involves a lot of consulting with unsettled customers and a lot of reading, as everything feels like it changes on a daily basis.

You are the professionals when it comes to travel management. When our guests and exhibitors contact you and need your support, how do they get in touch with you and what happens in the background?

You can contact us by phone or by mail and we will take care of your request immediately. We will research the best options for you and offer them to you promptly.

A little off-topic at the end. What is your assessment of when it will once again be possible for us as private individuals not to spend our well-earned annual vacation on the balcony at home?

Unfortunately, our crystal ball is currently under repair, so I can only express my personal opinion…… And there I must unfortunately also put the hope in the first place; some destinations such as the Balearic Islands are already quite good to travel with some conditions, but the normal travel can certainly only start again when we have reached a „herd immunity“.

One more question, what is your insider tip, which destination should not be missed when we are allowed to travel freely again?

There are so many fantastic travel destinations, if you ask me about my own next travel destinations ,I can answer immediately: Costa Rica (here I accompany a small group in October), La Reunion and in the vicinity very much like La Palma – you notice I like to travel to nature-based destinations.

Then we know in any case what we should consider in the next months and thank you for your time.

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