#SocialSix at no limits – tw tagungswirtschaft and MEET GERMANY cooperate

In 2022, the #SocialSix and the MEET GERMANY COMMUNITY will go their separate ways. The cooperation will kick off with the new business event „no limits – energize your Business“ on 16 February. In the Speed Barcamp, everything will revolve around the topic „Event planners of the future – What do we want? What do we need?“ The young professionals will go into direct exchange with representatives of the industry.

The #SocialSix are a student project group led by Kerstin Wünsch, editor-in-chief of tw tagungswirtschaft, and Michelle Caroline Speth, lecturer at THM – Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen. The students visit business events and look at event-relevant topics of today from the perspective of junior staff and future event planners. They report on them cross-medially in their channels, the social media.
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no limits – energize your business, 16. Februar 2022, 11:30 bis 13:00 h.

no limits – energize your business on 16 February 2022. Groundbreaking impulses, innovative tools and strengthened networks: the event industry is pooling its expertise & communities, moving closer together and developing further together. „no limits“, the „business event“ for event planners and meeting professionals from the German-speaking region, offers a diverse, virtual exhibition, lots of new knowledge, networking, interaction and inspiration. The initiators are MEET EUROPE, LOCATIONS and Allseated EXVO. Participation in the Main Stage lectures and the virtual exhibition is free of charge. The paid VIP ticket includes, among other things, participation in power workshops, recordings of the keynote sessions, a white paper as a summary of all key learnings and a catering package. Be inspired by experts, industry colleagues and the „no limits“ idea! Register at www.nolimits-event.de.

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#SocialSix bei no limits – Kooperation zwischen tw tagungswirtschaft und MEET GERMANY
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