The possibilities of bridging assistance 3

From many conversations in recent weeks, we know that many entrepreneurs and self-employed people have not yet been informed that they are entitled to very extensive funding. The Bridging Aid III not only finances the monthly fixed costs, but also offers you the opportunity to use up to € 20,000.00 in funding for digitization measures and online marketing to better position your company for the future.


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You can receive the subsidy from a Corona-related drop in sales of 30% and you will be reimbursed between 40% and 100% of your costs. As is usual with other subsidies, you do not have to make any advance payments.

Do you want to use the maximum subsidy to make the best out of your current situation? You still have the chance! The funding runs until 30.06.2021. An application is still possible until August, but you should already set the course now.

To find out what you can do now, how to apply and what exactly you can do with the money, contact Niels Kakies, Managing Director of Unternehmer-Konzepte GmbH.

You can find out more about this topic at our next LEAN COFFEE on June 8. Click here to register. (german speaking event)

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