Lean Coffee to the digital MEETUP

Last week we kicked off the new MEETUP season and we were very happy about a fully booked event. We have prepared the results of the evening for you once again.

The topics that particularly drive our circle are very closely related to the current situation.

They revolve strongly around the topic of digital events and platforms such as „How can I get a conservative audience to use a free chat alongside the stream?“, „How do I implement team events online?“, „Certification Virtual Event Management. What certifications are there?“, „A hybrid event: doesn’t it necessarily burst any budget?“, „What voting tools are there?“, „Focus on one platform or pick a new one for each event?“, „“Privacy compliant tools & best practice tips“, „How to create digital proximity?“, „Digital can’t do adrenaline – or what can we EMOTIONALIZE through the screen?“

Then questions also targeted the evolution of the event market such as „F2F and/or hybrid?“, „How do I optimally bring exhibitors and trade visitors into digital and analog exchanges?“, „Event design & event orga: can the same person always do it?“, „Will live events be possible again in November 21?“, „Do you think the „old event world“ will come back after Corona?“ „Event design for physical, virtual and hybrid events: how to keep track?“

And further focus was given to the discussion: „What is the current situation doing to us as people?“: „What are you doing for the souls of the employees?“

We discussed the following three topics in small groups:

How do I make a digital meeting more emotional and exciting so that people don’t start reading emails?

  • In the first step, ask exactly why the event is taking place and what do I want to achieve?
  • In the second step, compress the content: = 60 minutes live in 15 minutes. See Netflix example: Reduction of their series from 45 min to 20 min.
  • Idea: Creation of a matrix, in which it is recorded, for which format with which target direction, which length is suitable.
  • In the third step, selection of tools and integration of gamification offers.
  • In principle, digital formats are less binding: no one should be disappointed if participants are not present, only briefly present, or distracted.

Thesis: the exchange of real and virtual participants is completely overrated?

  • A thesis: Each form of event has its strengths. These could be weakened if both formats are linked.
  • Complete new contact when linking is difficult. It is easier if you already know the person.
  • In principle, it is important to set impulses about which the participants can exchange ideas.

What is your assessment of the importance and development of self-testing and hygiene concepts in our industry?

  • These topics will be with us for the next few months.
  • Different technologies exist, such as temperature measurement and scanner
  • Differentiate by type of test = scan & saliva sample not as uncomfortable as nasal swab.
  • There are also great differences in the application of hygiene concepts, which are difficult for the organizer to assess and compare.
  • The goal is to make the planners confident and to show what is possible while complying with the constraints.
  • Start with smaller outdoor events
  • in the second step then indoor with the observance of the guidelines
  • Protyping & piloting

We’ll be happy to give you more tips on some of the questions:

What should I keep in mind for digital or hybrid event formats?

  • Hier you can find very good tips from Chris Cuhls, the director – written by Katrin Taepke.

Where can I get quick tests for my events?

  • Here we recommend MediMode. It is a reliable partner, which is specialized in the procurement of AG Schnell-Test. They deliver all over Germany.

Taner Kalak
MediMode GmbH
Sophie-Cahrlotten-Strasse 9-10
14059 Berlin
+49 176 10 19 6685
E Mail.   Tk@Medimode.de
WEB.      MediMode.de

We are already looking forward to the continuation of the format.

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