Congratulations, IMEX America

The trade show for the global meetings and events industry, IMEX America, celebrated its tenth anniversary in November. MEET EUROPE recorded another premiere this year and was present for the first time with a Hosted Buyer Group in Las Vegas.

More than 3,300 international visitors and 2,200 exhibitors from over 200 countries made the anniversary of IMEX America a very special one. And a week that sets an important signal for the global MICE industry in special times. MEET EUROPE was represented for the first time by a Hosted Buyer Group – planners from Germany, Austria and the UK.

Together, the MEET EUROPE group departed Tuesday morning from ARIA Resort & Casino, the 9th largest hotel in the world, via the Las Vegas Strip to the show at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. The planners experienced a day full of trends and news from the multifaceted world of the event industry and with lots of intercultural impressions. In addition to talking to numerous exhibitors, there was also time to catch up with the leadership team led by IMEX Group CEO Carina Bauer.

With 5 km down the strip, the IMEXrun welcomed participants at seven in the morning for the second day of the trade fair. The rest of the agenda included a visit to visitBerlin for the Hosted Buyer group. Among other things, the talks revolved around the congress funds for the restart of Berlin’s event industry.
In the afternoon it was „Flashback to the MEET GERMANY SUMMIT BERLIN“, as author and keynote speaker Daniel Fox went into an exchange with the group on the topic of sustainability in the event industry. The topic accompanies the MEET GERMANY SUMMITS throughout the year. IMEX Group is a partner of the event series, with IMEX Brand Ambassador Tanja Knecht.

The last day of the fair included a visit to the Düsseldorf Convention Office.  Punctually on November 11. at 11:11 there were insights into the attitude towards life on the Rhine. The confetti was not so much about the 5th season of the year, but about the opportunity to exchange ideas again on a professional level and to pursue one’s business passionately.

Conclusion: IMEX America and its positive energy was good for the industry. It has been confirmed that even in turbulent times, trade fairs are important, remain important, and therefore definitely have a future.

Photo Source: IMEX Group

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