„Developing an idea, expanding it and implementing it in the end, that’s my passion“ – in an interview with Babett Salomon.

It’s June 23, 2021, and we’ve just brought our first event of the year, The [R]Evolution of Business MEET[S] THE CHANGE, over the airwaves. As always after an event, we sit together and take in what we’ve experienced. So I sat with Babett Salomon and we talked a bit about her journey through the TV industry into the world of events. This resulted in this interview, which we don’t want to withhold from you, dear readers.

Babett, you come from a completely different field than the event business. Please explain your background and your focus. 

I have been working in TV for 20 years. Of course, I started as an editorial and production assistant, but in the end I was an editorial and production manager for a TV station. I learned a lot and was able to build an incredible network. With this basic capital, I started my own business at the end of 2020. With my communications agency SalomonOne, I focus primarily on the realization of projects in the TV and event sector. Developing and/or expanding an idea and then implementing it in the end – that is my passion.

Thank you for being such a great supporter at our kick-off event on June 23. Please tell the readers, what was your specific task?

MEET GERMANY is known for great live events. But to implement them accordingly in the digital realm is a challenge. With my intuition for the viewers in front of the screens, I was able to provide tips on content in particular. On location, I was assistant director, recording manager and editor all in one, and I’m very pleased that I was able to help make your kick-off event a success.

From your point of view, what are the three biggest differences between television & events, what are the three similarities and where can our industry learn from the film and television industry?

That’s difficult to define. I think the biggest difference is that at an event you usually get direct feedback from the audience/visitors and can respond accordingly. On TV, you have to wait more for the ratings and/or the reviews the next day. In the end, we all want to entertain and inform – the transition between event and TV is now fluid. I’m convinced that we can all learn from each other and that the team is crucial to success. In my opinion, the team should be a good mix of different experience areas and, above all, well-rehearsed. Then everything works.

What appeals to you about working with MEET GERMANY and how would you like to contribute here and in our industry in the future?

I would be very happy to support MEET GERMANY in the realization of similar events. I would like to expand my TV-heavy network with your help into the event area and work together with you on the feeling for the viewer in front of the screen.

The feeling, the dramaturgy and the feeling for the audience remain big factors in any kind of event. If you need support here, Babett is looking forward to your questions. Have a look at her website: http://www.salomon-one.de/

Patrick Bergmann | MEET GERMANY

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