MEET THE BEEF – Trend Talk, May 27

„Green Meetings: Are sustainable and CO2-free events a utopia? One group shows how it works!“

Many event organizers want to run sustainable events, but don’t know how. The top management wonders, „…should I travel by sailboat instead of by plane like Greta Thunberg?“. The finance department fears a cost explosion.

„Green meetings“ are in vogue and meet the desire of organizers and participants for environmentally friendly and climate-neutral events. But what works and what doesn’t?

On Thursday, May 27, 2021, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m., a new edition of the digital format MEET THE BEEF – Trend Talk by the event and digital agency BEEFTEA group will be broadcast live. The topic of the broadcast is: „Green Meetings: Are sustainable and CO2-free events a utopia? A group shows how it works!“

In the Trend Talk, moderated by Andreas Grunszky, Managing Director of BEEFTEA group, viewers will hear from Jörn Eßlinger, Head of Commercial Activations, Partnerships & Asset Management at Coca-Cola European Partners, about how the corporation implemented its annual kick-off event with more than 1,600 people in a climate-neutral way for the first time. What were the challenges, stumbling blocks and lessons learned?

Also taking part in the Trend Talk will be Christoph von Below, Head of Sustainability at BEEFTEA group. He supported Coca-Cola in the implementation of the first CO2-free event.

BEEFTEA group is a certified agency for sustainable events and has successfully completed the ecovadis CSR audit. „Climate protection and sustainability are playing an increasingly important role in the event industry. We have had our sustainability commitment independently and professionally assessed and certified. BEEFTEA is thus the partner for sustainable events,“ says Andreas Grunszky, CEO of the BEEFTEA group.

In the upcoming MEET THE BEEF – Trend Talk, viewers will therefore also learn how the interaction between agency and event organizer works and how the agency specifically supports event planners.

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About MEET THE BEEF – Trend Talk

Digital live podcast around topics of the digitalization of events.

In its regular digital live broadcasts, MEET THE BEEF – Trend Talk highlights solutions, tips and tricks for all event organizers, whether on the agency or corporate side. The podcast is hosted alternately by Andreas Grunszky, managing director of the BEEFTEA agency, and Christoph von Below, office manager of the Cologne branch of the BEEFTEA agency.

In the live podcast, alternating talk guests will be guests, talk about current topics, trends and innovations, and point out approaches to solutions. However, the live podcast format also thrives on the interaction and engagement of the viewers at the screens. Thus, viewers can help shape topics of the show by submitting questions or topic requests in advance. During the live streaming, viewers can be connected live to the show on request and thus have the opportunity to actively help shape the show by asking questions or making statements.

Many colleagues may still be familiar with the format „MEET THE BEEF – Trend Talk“ from the industry trade fair „BOE Best of Events“ in Dortmund. Here, BEEFTEA already caused a sensation in the industry in 2014 with its format and the topics around the digitalization of events, as at that time the combination of online with event was still rather new territory for many industry colleagues.“

In the future, the live podcast format will be broadcast by the Berlin office of the agency BEEFTEA group GmbH.
Participation is free of charge.


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