The 2022 State of Event Management Report

An insight into event management and marketing 2022

Hot off the press and ready for your next event: The new 2022 State of Event Management Report has been published and inspires with a deep insight into the minds of more than 500 global event professionals, planners and marketing superstars.   

Our partner Sweap has captured the current industry mood on more than 30 pages, with statistics, exciting digressions on current trends, such as community marketing or engagement, and exclusive interviews with the heads of the industry.   

You can expect opinions, a lot of expertise and strategic insights from global „event professionals“:  

As always, the market is changing. However, the industry is challenged by Covid and must reinvent itself. In addition to advancing digitalization, this may also mean defining goals and target groups even more precisely when it comes to concepts in order to create sustainable experiences.“ (Founder, Germany) 

The learning curve to virtual has been steep and instant. Demands on personal time to stay on top of constant changes are mentally crushing.” (Event Manager, Canada) 

While the trending impulse is toward hybrid, there is a growing realization that a two-track operation will become expensive and difficult to control. (Event Manager, Germany) 

 The new 2022 State of Event Management Report is here.   

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We hope you enjoy reading the 2022 State of Event Management Report. 

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Der 2022 State of Event Management Report
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