50 event stats for your 2022 event strategy

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An insight into Event Management 2022

The event industry has been transformed as a result of abrupt changes in the spring of 2020. While this transformation brought new, previously unknown challenges, event managers and marketers were forced to rethink. Innovation and creativity were required, and as is often the case, the industry – our industry – reinvented itself.  

In the wake of this major transformation, it’s especially important to understand the factors influencing this change. Our partner MATE has compiled a list of the top 50 event statistics for 2022.  

Top Event Statistics for 2022 

In this list, you’ll find 5 selected event statistics to help you plan your event strategy. Want more? Then you can find the whole list of event statistics here. 

Event statistics 1:  

81% of event managers confirm that they organize virtual events. (MATE

Event statistics 2: 

18% of event marketers have no tools to clearly measure the success of their events. Another 19% do not have the right data available. (MATE

Event statistic 3: 

76% of event marketers swear by email marketing as the most effective channel to increase registrations for events. (Market)


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Event Statistics 4: 

For 68% of event organizer:s, engagement is the biggest challenge at virtual events. (MATE, 2021) 

Event statistic 5: 

B2B companies invest 10-20% of their annual marketing budget in virtual/hybrid events. (Market

There’s more to discover! 
Click here for the full list of event stats. We wish you much success! 

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