MEET GERMANY – digital and analog into the future

MEET GERMANY – Network and Service Partner for the Event Industry

MEET GERMANY is your service partner for networking and visibility on the market. We connect suppliers and planners at our successful and popular SUMMITS. We also provide industry and future know-how together with various invited experts.

Our mission is digitalization in all its facets, providing industry solutions that make sales and marketing simpler, more cost-effective, and goal-oriented. With our monthly online MeetUps, we are now launching an information series on all digital topics, ranging from mindset to sales 2.0. MEET GERMANY has a team of event, online marketing, and sales experts on board. Check-in with us quickly!

We have also digitized our membership and equipped it with many additional offers.

That is how we move you and your business forward, saving you time and trouble. The event industry in both analog and digital form will be coming together at our events to address current issues, to network and to have a good and productive experience together.

Feel free to book a meeting with us right here if you would like to know more or need onboarding to our network.

We connect you with the „who’s who“ of the event industry at the top destinations in Germany. Here, you can get to know industry colleagues, initiate an inspiring exchange of ideas, and get updated on the new things on the market.
MEET GERMANY Membership provides the ideal introduction to networking within our community. Plentiful networking opportunities are complemented by digital services and, depending on your status, personal support and advice up to strategic 1:1 coaching sessions. On top of that, there are discounts on our services…
MEET GERMANY is the service partner for digital sales and marketing. We specialize in customer acquisition and digitalization, particularly in sales. For you, as for our partner, this converts into more deals, new customers, and increased efficiency. The synergy of sales and marketing is very powerful since it is achieved through the perfect mix of traditional and digital methods in sales and marketing.


MEET GERMANY has a team of experts in events, online marketing, and sales on board. We have the right solution for every need and would be delighted to advise you. Check-in with us right away!