Our Mission

Digilog into the future with the largest network in the german speaking event & business travel industry. As thought leaders in the industry, it is very important to us to create synergies between you and other members. We want to connect you with the right partners and make your work easier. Together we are MEET GERMANY / MEET EUROPE.

The goal – to support our partners in an uncomplicated way to help them save time and energy. Therefore we do not see ourselves as a company, but as an active network. A community that is there for you, analog and digital. We have already gained a wealth of experience in analog networking. In 2018, we launched our digital COMMUNITY. It offers you the advantages of our offline events 24/7 and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

An innovative step that makes clear what drives us: Innovation, interaction and inspiration.

In doing so, we always stand up for cosmopolitanism, tolerance and mutual respect.



Our Team

Our claim: We make our team your employees! We work for a COMMUNITY that works for you! And therefore our team is also your team. May we introduce you to your employees?

Tanja Schramm

About Tanja

As managing partner, she is one who pulls the strings. Tanja thinks her day has more than 24 hours. She steps in where she is needed and also pushes the company forward as a creative director. 

And what else?

As a family person, she lives for the moment – preferably in connection with her family, friends and books.

Simke Leifert

Head of Operations
About Simke

Simke joined the company in 2011 as an intern as part of her international studies in Applied Leisure Science and is now not only Head of Operations but also a co-partner. As the longest-serving employee of MEET GERMANY, she forms the backbone of the company. She is responsible for the organization of MEET GERMANY’s events.

And what else?

The passionate table tennis player and snowboarder would definitely like to visit Australia a second time to explore the rest of the country. Simke is always up for an adrenaline kick in her free time, which she likes to spend by the water or in the mountains. There she can skydive, paraglide or bungee jump to her hearts content.

Marco Seitelmann

Head of Community
About Marco

Marco is our contact person for events in the west and south of Germany, as well as in the Benelux countries, UK and USA. As an all-round entertainer, he not only ensures top service for our partners and customers, but also provides an atmosphere with charm and esprit. In addition, Marco is an IHK examiner in Berlin for hotel specialists.

And what else?

The passionate marathon runner, whose best success to date was 8th place in the Cayman Islands Marathon, has various sports medicine qualifications and travels internationally as a personal trainer, therapist and fitness presenter. So he might have one or two free health tips for you at the next event!

Kristin Wittmütz

Head of Marketing
About Kristin

Kristin is responsible for marketing and communications. Interesting people, exciting experiences, good products, special company biographies – and developing a good story from them are her passion. In addition, she ist active in business networks.

And what else?

You’ll find Kristin wherever there are good stories: In bookstores. With family and friends. Art and culture. On city trips. By the water. Camera and photo ball are always with her for THE snapshot.

Patrick Bergmann

Marketing Manager
About Patrick

With his degree in Cultural Engineering, he is the cultural manager of today and the marketing team of MEET GERMANY.

And what else?

He devotes a lot of time to his hobby music and his own record label “frogrocks records”. Otherwise you will always find the globetrotter somewhere on the road.

Sophia Friehold

Senior Event Manager
About Sophia

Sophia is a real hands-on power woman. With her organizational talent and flair for new trends in the industry, she supports the Event Operations team. She also enriches the team with her expertise in digital and hybrid events from her master’s degree in strategic live communication.

And what else?

Besides events, Sophia pursues her second passion: fitness. As a freelance fitness trainer, she teaches weekly online fitness classes for women in a small but growing community. To start the day relaxed, Sophia meditates daily before getting up with a cup of coffee and oat milk.

Michelle Fleschhut

Junior Project Manager
About Michelle

Michelle not only studies business administration, she also actively supports the operations team. She is always in a good mood and ensures that the tours run smoothly.

And what else?

Due to the great experiences during her first year abroad in the USA, Michelle decided to spend another year in the States after graduating from high school. Back from her trip you can find Michelle in the mountains skiing, playing squash or badminton – when she’s not in the office. She also enjoys long walks with her dog.

Jonas Appel

Junior Project Manager
About Jonas

Jonas is our reinforcement in the community team as well as Marco’s relentless supporter.

And what else?

Besides his dual studies in Communication & Event Management, Jonas likes to go to the movies and eat lots of sushi rolls. He finds a balance to his everyday life in sports: Jonas is a passionate handball player and therefore an excellent team player.


About Einstein

Einstein is our secret “Head of Feelgood- Management”, but since he’s so rarely in the office, he hasn’t made it past the intern position yet.

And what else?

You will find our four-legged friend mainly in a horizontal position. But when he is feeling lively, he enjoys long walks to network with his fellow dogs.